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Track Name: Evolution Freestyle
Quantum physics i spit the most complex shit an naturally comprehend it
dont ask me to explain it use ur own brain bitch
sparking stainless automatic gauges when Im spittin aimless
I dont try to tame it let it flow natural
like a scene at a African watering hole
big cats thats swole laying on the shore ur songs are a bore
my sentences are moving laws hop on aboard
I take u on tours of ancient folklore to the meaning of God
time fabric ripped off its axis I got u sittin on ur mattress upright zoned out speaking in various accents
the direct knowledge patterns start soaking in ur cabbage
ur mind unlocks a whole new labyrinth
neuron gateways start mapping and zapping
ur present reality shatters like wat the fuk happened?
u now have access to any data
ur brain matter starts glowin like green lanterns
no panting or prancing the veil of ignorance lifting
has u cool an aware of all happenings
u go from a young sapling to a General Sherman tree
with roots thicker then Hulks knees
you become old and ancient yet ageless
all in one human arrangement
ur mind is now an adamantium containment
no longer a layman or a cavemen but a complete human
this aint Kumon I aint here to be schoolin
but if u wish to learn seek and u will find
for u are a child of Zion an ur DNA is divine
so let it shine till a demons eyes go blind
they wish to confine create situations where there obviously will be crime then hand out jailtime
like that will make things fine
its all just one big ass bind like a giant Serpentine
layers an layers of realities from the outside to the inside that keep us in divide
on the mic I get live, skydive from a thousand feet
land on 21 jump street and dump the heat
on beasts who wish to feast on ur niece
u cant hide from me my mace is shiny and ur force is tiny
cuz one enlightened mind equals a thousand droids humanity is not a toy to ploy, employ
use and then destroy Ima Golden Boy like Oscar
here to promote the destruction of our inner monsters
and wisdom over false knowledge scholars HOLLA!
Track Name: The Truth Freestyle
The Truth....

the truth is what they don't want you to hear
well....huh...yeah...listen here......

Whats the truth, the truth is you, the truth is the youth
the truth is what is you spit in the booth
without conforming to a group or a industry scoop
the truth is what lets the pigeon outta the coop
and into the sky the rhymes is fly get u high
like one of a kind cuz its sparks ur mind
and touch ur soul and crush a troll
and bring a persons whole existence
out of a black hole like WHOA!
huh, here comes bliss then here comes this
watch the soul shapeshift like
bet darkness cant touch u now
they try to come around but ur response goes BLOAW!
like wow.......
huh u touchin who?
Man these fools tryin to reintroduce the Russian flu
cuz they fear the truth they fear me and u
because we figuring out what we supposed to do
hope u keep these words close to you
cuz a life without truth is just a neck in a noose
so breath for the truth live for the truth
fight for the truth and free our troops
like...whether rain or shower
u can't break our will by bringing down our towers
the people will unite under just Gods power
and Ima bust through your line like fuckin Hightower with the TRUTH!(echoes)