Mathmatica Grammatica

by JaYYo

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released January 1, 2015



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JaYYo Maryland

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Track Name: Hip-Hop Stadium
"I'm like a sage with a blade on these beats
and you better seek knowledge on these streets
or you could be 6 feet deep for trying to Quantum Leap
to an aimless life full of self-defeat & self-retreat
these leech peeps is sneaks yo they pack a cold piece
wanna see you deceased
but when they in ya face they quick to show you all they teeth
like that Royce song, boom goes the gong
my songs hot better use them tongs
when you pick up my CD press play on the MP3 don't envy me
cuz thats a waste of energy these feminine fairy flees
wanna bury thee they pharisees in modern jeans
walking around you right now like they Supreme
Religion itself is Sacrilegious yo we all in prisons son who u kiddin!?
& that's not negativity that's facts you foolish
if that makes you depressed you weak-hearted kid
it makes me passionate a passionless bastard
is better off in a morgue in a closed casket
my ratchet is the size of the entire floor at your basketball practice

Verse 2 who created swine flu? Swine who eat swine who
eat swine doo so I come through with the 1-2
Mathmatica Grammatica! & no I won't battle ya
my wordplay on this song alone'll shatter you
do I baffle you with poetic values
like a heirloom passed before the tomb
what it do and what it don't??
You might have to rewind that to catch the funk
cuz I'm speaking on some next shit metaphorical nexus of solar plexus
Whats an early exit whats a long life?
Who defines that you see whats wrong right
with the long sight I put one in ya long pipe if they really wanna fight
when its all said and done and what comes from my tongue
is life-giving son, but it could burn ya if you ever turn ya back
on everything thats the opposite of wack
I attack the track like a pack of wolf packs
who could walk through wolf trap and you won't hear a fukin' snap
its like that jumping jacks start busting back
did you know Mars has polar ice caps?
Wars in the winter so cold that your gun starts busting polar ice caps
nice gats an hats we trapped on an abstract yoga mat
black, white, brown, yellow we fellow
residents on this Earthly presence
where the physical has become Lieutenant
from tenants with no water to tenants living in Venice, on water
what's a problem does it exist? Hmm thats some deep shit
a deep dish of deep lyrics from a deep spirit
that leads to the deep ocean giver and I tell you 1 thing
its not a Figure
boundless immeasurable we vessels special
this lyrical like a spherical vehicle moving at the speed of indigo....."